Selling a Home?

Whether you are trying to sell Mom’s old home or you are a foreign investor, we have many decades of experience when it comes to listing a property. When we list a property all the advertising sites on the internet will show it. The property can then be seen by anyone who might be interested, however, the property will only be shown by those qualified to see it. As the offers come in, we will carefully review them and let you know the pros and cons of each offer to get you the best price with the best results.

Buying a Home?

Choosing your new home is an emotional endeavor. Where? How Big? Affordability? These considerations are huge. Hiring an agent with expertise in helping you to not only find the right property, but get into the home on your terms. Contract negotiation takes skill. You let us handle the nuts and bolts of the buying process, so you can just focus and enjoy the ride toward home ownership.

What You Need to Know

Owning rental properties can provide a steady source of income but the larger the property, the greater the complications. Whether you’re buying or selling a single-family home, duplexes or condos, River City Realty and Management Services will guide you through the transaction so the process is smooth and the outcome positive.

Management Services

Why hire a big company who will give you an “agent” whose “job” it is to maintain your property and its tenants?

Why not hire Realtors whose career it is to find, help you purchase, manage, and help increase your property’s value?

Owning rental properties is an excellent strategy for building wealth, but managing those rental properties efficiently – and profitably – requires time and specialized skills. River City Realty and Management Services has those skills to relieve you of the headaches, tenant issues, and details. Our owners of rental houses, duplexes and condos can avoid the frustrations and reap the financial rewards. Our property management services include:

Your rental will be entered into the local Real Estate market by the association of Realtors. All other reputable advertising platforms feed off this. We also use Google, Facebook, along with many other sites. So, those looking will see your property as soon as we put it on the market.

Thorough tenant screening or background checks help to ensure that we lease to the best tenants who apply. This helps to avoid damage to the property, late rents, evictions, etc. This means more than just looking at the credit score, income, and a criminal check. We will even call the past landlord and current boss, to solidify our decision.

We have maintenance companies and personnel that we work with closely, Kkowing they will come back if the job isn’t satisfactory. Saves you money and stress.

We make sure that tenants comply with the terms of their lease and covenants and restrictions.
Invoices are sent monthly and you can always log into your account.

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